Reflections of the Bourgeois Society (2010) (LP​/​CD​/​download)

by The Bristles

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Recorded at Sensus studio in the winter 2009/2010.

Engineered, mixed and produced by Klas Ideberg.

Mastered by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Maid Productions.

Backing vocals by Jyrki.

Solo guitar on the Last Laugh by Klas Ideberg.

All songs by the Bristles, except illegal alien by The Bristles and Emilush.

Thanks to Andreas Bohlin for help with the layout.

The Bristles:
Svegis - guitar
Puma - vocals
Ingemar - bass
Ray - drums

Switchlight Records, 2010. CD.
Switchlight Records, Noise from Sweden, Anarkopunx Records, 2010. LP.


released May 1, 2010



all rights reserved


The Bristles Landskrona, Sweden

The Bristles is a raw punk band formed in 1982 from Landskrona, Sweden. The band broke up in 1985. In 2008 reunited. In 2010 the album Reflections Of The Bourgeois Society was out, In 2012 the band’s 2:nd album, Bigger than Punk, was released.
In 2014 the cassette EP "Val"" was out and now the the new album Last Days of Capitalism" is out Oct 23 2015
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Track Name: Checkpoint Sweden
Checkpoint Sweden

supporting war against terrorism
creating refugees in millions x2

checkpoint sweden x4

sending people back to civil wars
death, prison, torture x2


welcoming high skilled labourers
with western skills, no others x2

Track Name: A Prayer for the Employer
A Prayer for the Employer
the boss: this plant will soon shut down
if nothings done ‘bout the competition
from producers of more attractive products
cheaper, better, more useful than ours

say a prayer, say a prayer
for the employer
that's what its worth
say a prayer, say a prayer
for the emperor
getting what he deserves

the kids all wanted to work in our plant
the money's alright, the work's not too hard
now they'll have to find it elsewhere
a generation lost, no more wonders


now the boss wants to be our friend
says we're in this together 'til the end
after spending years holding us back
too good to even talk to us


say a prayer, say a prayer
an open letter was sent to the press
demanding action against consumers
saying it was illegal not to buy from us
to save our jobs and work conditions
Track Name: Big Brother is Watching feat. Jyrki (The Negatives)
Big Brother is Watching feat. Jyrki (The Negatives)
you have the right to freedom of speech
as long as you know your place
in the production line

cameras in the yard, cameras on the street
cameras on buses, trains and squares
cameras at work and in the super market
cameras watching for ever, where ever

1984 big brother is watching x2

the phone’s tapped, the internet connection too
actions known instantly, in real-time
information's gathered in smallest detail
a life's ruined by a push on a button


enemy without, enemy within x2
the cold war and the terrorists
everybody's a spy, everybody's an informant

have a drink after work
and a pill for your headache
sit yourself down in front of the telly
watch the news, fall to sleep
another day in freedom and democracy

1984 big brother is watching x3
big brother is watching
big brother is watching
watching watching watching watching you
Track Name: Brainwashing
if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it
people will eventually come to believe it
sounds familiar, eh?

the songs in the media are all company music
played until you start to believe you like it

brainwashed to believe what they want us to believe
brainwashed to see what they want us to see
brainwashed to be what they want us to be

the best known products is what sells best
lunatic commercials for fixed purposes


in the papers and in the news
opinions told as the truth
chosen to fit the advertisers
every product needs its buyer

freedom of the press
power of the consumers
flogging overpriced, cheap products
which means low salaries, poor work conditions and so forth
Track Name: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Weapons of Mass Destruction
the modern wests project to conquer nature
in the end the end nothing no more
doomsday machine out of control
the monster's back for his creator
for his creator

weapons of mass destruction x3
in the wrong hands
in the god damn wrong hands

restored arms, new arms, new targets
militarized economies and global strikes
the difference between low-enriched uranium
and highly enriched is money and time
money and time


the cold wars arms race, balance of terror
deterrent purpose, enforce the world order
in the name of power, in the name of greed
megalomania, destroyer of worlds
destroyer of worlds

Track Name: The Last Laugh (Financial Crises)
The Last Laugh (Financial Crisis)
market sentiment, a flock of investment bankers
running around, buying, selling anything
the more they run, the higher the fees and the bonuses
they'll take it all, everything they can bring

mortgage salesmen living on ripping people off
lending out money to buy worthless houses
these debts becomes a structured investment vehicle
placed in a fund on the financial market

the rich wanna get richer
the poor are gonna to get poorer
the rich are gonna to get richer, richer and richer

the financial crisis makes the capitalists fewer
the losers run to the government for aid
demands that their lost capital be replaced
all in the name of the pension funds

so the banks get millions from the state
with the condition to loose the dead weight
workers lose their jobs and their homes
managements reward themselves with bonuses


bonuses when business is flourishing
the last laugh, the last laugh
bonuses when business is declining
the last laugh, the last laugh
bonuses on top of pays five hundred times a workers

Track Name: Them Against Us
Them AgainstUus

the members pays the union fee
every single month
workers going on the dole
reduced insurance
union tops, employers
deciding bonuses and high pays
for each other

them, them against us x3
them, them, them
them against us

the union held an election
among the members on the work place
the alternatives:
unemployment or reduced wages
nobody wants to lose their job
raised pay for the bosses
and the board of directors


the swedish model, the role model
yellow union, state and capital
mutual understanding at any costs
based on the employers veto

the governments borrowing money
for tax reductions
a couple of hundreds for a worker
100 000 to themselves

Track Name: Porn, Drugs, Arms (Genocide)
Porn, Drugs, Arms (Genocide)
in this day and age
of the worst depression ever
there's three sectors that's been
somehow unaffected by it
porn, drugs and arms industry
profit and murder, side by side

side by side x6

brought up to be man and woman
man and wo-man, men and wo-men
fed the american dream
desperate, disturbed
tempted, pushed and tricked
reflections of the bourgeois society

porn drugs arms x4

uppers to go, hypnotics to sleep
tranquilizers for our worries
everything's in the pharmacy
stressed out from work and bills
and always short on money
booze and drugs makes us happy



children warrior's raised
from gangster movies, computer games
killing becomes a natural thing
all power comes utmost
from the use of violent force
get rich or die trying

Track Name: Out of Work
Out of Work
there’s more than a hundred for every job
to get one takes more than skill and luck
required qualities: obedience and loyalty
every job’s temporary

unemployment rates going up
workers real wages going down

out of work once again
bow down to the employer, yes and amen
out of work again and again
workers rights, good bye

congratulations, you got three months
with a chance to extension
if you've been true to the boss that is
or you'll have to go, work shortage

higher salary? better conditions?
keep it up and you’ll soon be out of a job


you play along or that’s your unemployment insurance


out of work x3
once again and again and again and again
Track Name: Justice feat. Neli (Hogans hjältar)
Justice feat. Neli (Hogans hjältar)
half the city sealed off, cops, cops, cops
it’s a wedding of a billionaire
people at the fences trying to get a glimpse
of the rich and famous there

police protection, keep the riff raff out x2

equal rights and obligations
equality before the law
equal opportunities
justice for all

three meter tall protecting walls
guarded by armed security
armoured cars and body guards
keeping the neighbourhood clean

mercenaries, in case the poor should rise x2


on the assembly line we all do time
life without parole
our pensions put at stake, soon gambled away
vacations on the dole

every pay check, an insult rubbed in x2

Track Name: Illegal Alien feat. Emilush
Illegal Alien feat. Emilush
born in a country under a fascist regime
martial law and state of emergency
mass unemployment, depression
poverty, corruption

one day the police came to my door
didn't hang around to find out what for
I'd be as good as dead if I’d stayed
so I run away

with the police after me I had to leave
not just my home town, the country
money and luck got me out
in one piece almost safe and sound

hunted, used, no human rights
still its better than going back
hunted, used, no human rights
illegal alien

I came to the west, the place of democracy
where I'd learned the people are born free
they sent me to a refugee camp
and tried my application

I wasn't allowed wage labour
the only money I got was pocket change
I miss my friends, miss my family
all alone in a strange country


så länge vi följer ledet så göder vi deras spel
men om spelet får känna motstånd så kan vi förändra de

jag menar hela systemet är präglat av massa regler
som bara leder oss neråt och skapar massa problem

de e fel men så länge vi vägrar se
att om vi inte agerar så kommer ingenting ske

vi måste kämpa oss ur ledet och visa att vi har rätt
för det blir aldrig nån förändring så länge vi håller käft