Union Bashing State (2009) (CDs​/​download)

by The Bristles

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Recorded at Twin Studio, Landskrona, Sweden autumn 2008.
MCR Records, 2009.


released February 1, 2009



all rights reserved


The Bristles Landskrona, Sweden

The Bristles is a raw punk band formed in 1982 from Landskrona, Sweden. The band broke up in 1985. In 2008 reunited. In 2010 the album Reflections Of The Bourgeois Society was out, In 2012 the band’s 2:nd album, Bigger than Punk, was released.
In 2014 the cassette EP "Val"" was out and now the the new album Last Days of Capitalism" is out Oct 23 2015
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Track Name: Banned from Employment
Banned from Employment
the wages were low, the conditions poor
workers bullied and harassed
one day the workers wouldn't take it no more
said enough is enough is enough

management reacted as excepted
gave the troublemakers the boot
the others were told to go back to work
or they'll lose their jobs too

shut your mouth or they'll give you the sack
and see to that you'll never work again
no employer wants a troublemaker
and you'll be banned - from employment

now there's silence among the workers
just like the management wants it to be
the ones who lost their jobs are still unemployed
the punishment for questioning authority

this wouldn't happen if we stood together
united against the oppressors
this couldn't be if we supported each other
fighting the exploiters
Track Name: Malmö 26 (Union Bashing State)
Malmö 26 (Union Bashing State)
the picket line said: no go
this sushi place is blocked
the boss harasses workers
and tries to beat 'em up

fighting for
fighting for
fighting for our rights
fighting for
fighting for
fighting for our rights - Malmö 26

the boss called the cops
who declared the line illegal
broke it with sticks and pepper spray
picketers blind, vomiting, bleeding


the cops took in 26
now they're on trial
for being in a union
exercising workers rights


no more right to strike - union bashing state
no rights when being sacked - union bashing state
capitalists given carte blanche - union bashing state
annihilate the working class - union bashing state

malmö 26 x4
Track Name: Landskrona Song
Landskrona Song
this is your city, this is my city
from the shipyard to the fishing community
from the channel and the beaches to the fields
this city belongs to you, this city belongs to me, you and me

this is our city x2

media's named us a gangster town
spreading the words of the fascists and dissension
we all know who benefits, the real enemy
they want me to fight you, they want you to fight me, you and me

this is our city x2

don't talk to me about crime in streets
go back to your god father-movies, battlefield-games
and every where else violence is glamorised

built on the foundation of guts and fight
raised on blood, sweat and tears, working class pride
we all know what this city needs is unity
this city is you, this city is me, you and me

this is our city x4
Track Name: Punishing the Victims
Punishing the Victims
he got laid off after 15 years
another job was hard to find
the government: too many on the dole
decrease the insurance, limit the time

punish the victims - kick 'em when they're down
punish the victims - push 'em 'round
punish the victims - put 'em out on the street
punish the victims - make 'em bleed

she had trouble with her back from work
still she wouldn't get transferred
the government: too many sickt
tighten the benefit, legalise firing 'em


she got raped and called the cops
the perpetrators were brought in
the judge: the sentence: not guilty
she was drunk, dressed enticing

ch: x2

hello music lovers, it's führer friedrich reinfeldt. I'm pleased to tell you today I signed legislation that will outlaw the sick, disabled, unemployed, union activists, homosexuals, non western immigrants and every other form of cancer on our great nation, forever. let the extermination begin.